Yuanlong Big Family

I Introduction 

The scarcest resource in Yuanlong, in our view, is not asset or projects, but talents.

Therefore, we have built a team culture advocating being simple, transparent, equal, open, innovative and inclusive through competitive salaries and bonus mechanisms. 

Join our family and achieve your career dream here.

II Career Opportunities 

1. Investment Manager

Job description

1. Assist in project development and selection;

2. Do market surveys, and data collection, write DD reports, investment proposals and letters of intent for projects covered; 

3. Design and evaluate investment plans, do financial forecasts and risk analysis to mitigate investment risks and pursue higher yields; 

4. Promote projects covered, join interaction and negotiations with external parties; follow up invested projects to ensure capital safety and expected yields; 

5. Assist in making investment procedures and evaluation criteria; 

6. Assist in project’s post-investment management.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in finance, accounting, law, investment or relevant majors; 

2. 1-3 years of experience in investment banking, PE, accounting firm, law firm or other relevant sectors; 

3. Good at research, independent thinking and innovation, responsible, professional with good work ethics;

4. Good at communication and teamwork, and is willing to work under pressure;

5. Excellent English proficiency, candidate with overseas study experience preferred; 

6. A CPA or attorney certificate holder preferred. 

2. Risk Control Manager

Job description

1. Be involved in the development of review criteria, decision procedures and risk control systems for PE investment projects; 

2. Be involved in the development of risk control systems, and specific measures for PE investment projects; 

3. Evaluate PE investment projects submitted by business dept., and deliver evaluation reports; 

4. Monitor the execution of PE investment projects, deliver project reports on a regular basis, and provide independent risk opinion;

5. Provide independent risk opinions on project follow-up.


1. Less than 35 years old; have a bachelor’s degree or above in Finance and Economics; 

2. 3 years or above of experience in banking, trusts, broking, investment banking, project review/evaluation, and risk control, etc.; 

3. Have a good understanding of PE; be involved in business operations and internal management of investment companies; be strong in project review and overall risk control; 

4. Be strong in prudent thinking, corporate valuation and analysis; 

5. Be good at writing. 

3. GM Assistant

Job description

1. Schedule management for GM; make preparations for meetings, agreement signings, conferences, etc.;

2. Draft GM’s documents for day-to-day operation, write, sign and file reports as a secretary;

3. GM schedule management, visitor reception, business travel as assistant; 

4. Follow up, respond to and convey GM’s documents (tasks); keep business secrets confidential;

5. Other tasks assigned by GM.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above, male or female in good health and personal image;

2. 2 years or above of working experience; experience in the financial sector preferred; 

3. Overseas study or working experience preferred; 

4. Willing to travel, and having a driver’s license is preferred; 

5. Good at clear and precious thinking, coordination and execution; 

6. Aged 24-35, favorable image and good temperament.