Ideas & Strategies

Investment Principles:

        By following the core principle of “adding and creating values”, we align our investment strategy according to macro-situations and industry reform trends, pursue deeper cooperation between investors and the invested companies, and mutually promote business and industry development.

        We comply with the motto of “value creation and exploration” to build partnerships based on mutual benefit and trust, pursue sustainable growth, perfection and compliance, and explore opportunities and innovations with proper risk preference and yield. 

Investment Strategies:

        We set a dual engine driven development strategy (industry investment + financial investment) to diversify business and integrate resources, and engage in innovation as a driving force to build a sustainable development platform.

1.Industry investment

        We focus on long-term investment, covering packaging industry and related upstream and downstream sectors. We seek innovation and growth opportunities in areas like advanced manufacturing and massive consumption, and seek for opportunities to enter sectors benefiting from consumer industrial upgrading and global specialization. We detect investment opportunities at different stages, help the invested business for added value, and build the whole value chain. Priorities include projects in expansion stage, Pre-IPO projects, as well as startups and growing ones.

2. Financial investment

        We aim to make investment at a steady and sound pace. We pursue earnings within a reasonable range, keep risks under strict control, and stick to a sound and rational investment style. We seek to build strengths in macro-situation analysis of domestic and overseas market, analysis on business fundamentals, topic focus research, survey of market expectation changes and investment strategy innovation. 

3. Decision-making mechanism 

        In order to ensure effective execution of the investment principles and strategies, and achieve the expected outcome, we have formulated the investment decision mechanism. The Investment Committee, the core decision-making department, is composed of teams of professionals.